9 Tips to reduce your quality packaging costs

A quality packaging solution involves responding to the correct combination of efficiency, quality and, of course, cost control. Finding the balance between these factors is not always easy and often the focus is solely on choosing the cheapest packaging. But, if what concerns us is cost, there are more options, here are some tips that can help you reduce your packaging bill:

  • Use quality packaging: This may seem like a contradiction, if we want to save, then let’s lower the quality of the materials we use, right? However, this is a very bad choice. Choosing poor quality packaging, or packaging that is not suitable for the product to be shipped or stored, has, in the short term, immediate consequences in the form of refunds, returns and customer complaints. But there are, in addition, other costs that are not visible at first and that in the long term can affect the image that your company transmits and its reputation. In your packaging purchase decisions, look for the best combination of price and quality. Giving weight only to price can lead to more costs in the long run.
Quality Packaging
  • Take advantage of volume discounts: as long as you can advance your purchases and do not have space problems in your warehouse, it is preferable that you purchase your quality packaging in large quantities to save with prices scaled by volume and specific offers.
  • Optimize the number of packaging formats: it is tempting to fill our warehouse with lots of boxes and different fillings for each product (it depends on the business this may be essential), but it can significantly affect your packaging invoice and introduce complexity in the shipping process and storage. If you use a reduced number of packaging formats for all your products, or that can be adapted to their size such as  telescopic or variable height boxes , it will allow you to save on your purchase of packaging by having better prices by volume and, in addition , simplify your storage stock.
  • Transportation costs: Optimizing the size and weight of your shipments can lead to significant savings in your transport rate. For example, make sure you only use the padding necessary to protect your product without adding additional cost.
  • Correctly identify your shipments: It is as important to label your packages to avoid loss of the merchandise, as to indicate the fragility or the specific handling conditions of your shipments. The labeling is a very important part of the packaging process and should pay attention to avoid costs for returns or damaged goods.
  • Productivity costs: The use of certain packaging such as boxes with automatic bottom can help you increase productivity and gain time and efficiency in the preparation of your orders. Also filling machines and systems are a great option to automate filling processes and reduce costs. It is important that you let yourself be advised by packaging specialists, who study your case, and offer you alternatives to improve your productivity.
  • Save storage space: Traditional bubble wrap or packaging chips can take up a lot of space in your warehouse. If you use a large amount of filler, consider the possibility of opting for paper or air packaging systems that will make you gain in efficiency, but also in space in your warehouse.
  • Customer experience: Packaging, especially in the ecommerce world, is your brand ambassador. Everything influences a customer’s shopping experience and may or may not entail repeat purchases. Take care of that first impression.
  • Trust your packaging purchases to an expert supplier: A comprehensive packaging supplier can mean significant savings through better prices, but also through a more comprehensive understanding of your needs. Also demand from your supplier a quality service adapted to business needs: fast delivery, stock availability, payment facilities …

Every day we work to offer our customers the best quality packaging solutions. If you want us to help you optimize your costs visit Assemco to find out more info.

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