How To Hydro Dip

Hydro Dip Australia

Hydro dipping is the process of water transfer printing. It is simply using paint and water immersion to produce a cool water marbling technique on items. Hydro Dip Australia, Assemco is one of the best company who provides hydro dipping services in Australia.

What can you hydro dip?

The possibilities are really endless. Some ideas include: water bottle, cell phone case, shoes, baseball bat, helmet, tumblers and more!

How do you hydro dip:

In a few simple steps, you can easily turn plain items into something fabulous. Keep reading to see how easy it is!

Supplies needed for hydro dipping:

  1. Water
  2. Spray Paint in the Color of your Choice
  3. Primer
  4. Painter’s Tape
  5. Top Coat
  6. 3D item that you want to dip – We used a water bottle and cell phone cases.

How to hydro dip:

hydro dip Australia

Step 1: Mask off any areas on your 3D item that you do not wanted painted with the masking tape.  The entire item will be dipped so make sure any part of the item that you do not want covered in paint is masked off with the tape.

Step 2: Paint your 3D item that you plan to hydro dip with a primer of your choice. We used a white spray paint primer on our items.  We used 2 coats to make sure that it’s fully covered.

Step 3: In a large plastic bin or bucket, fill 3/4 of the way to the top with warm water.  We used plastic bins that we found at the our local dollar store.  You will want to ensure that your bin is wide enough to hold the item that you will be dipping.

Step 4: Choose the colors of the spray paint that you want for your item.  Spray the paint on the top of the water and use a stick to slowly swirl the colors together to get the design that you prefer.

Step 5: Then dip your item slowly into the water and paint mixture. We chose the area we liked based on the design on top of the water in that area.

Step 6: Then apply a top coat to seal the paint onto the item.  Also allow this coat to dry completely.

Providing an unmatched custom high-quality commercial level hydro dipping service, Assemco – the one-stop outsourcing solutions for all your business needs – will ensure that your hydro dipping project gets done in record time and exactly according to your requirements.

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