Process of Carbon Fiber Hydro Dip

Carbon Fiber Hydro Dip

The designs that you want to apply to your object is printed on the film. The carbon film has a special design on it: in the form of diagonal lines. It is available in the market in the form of rolls with different colors. You just have to grab the roll that you like and the rest of the process is easy to handle.

Advantages of Carbon Fiber Film

carbon fiber hydro dip

Carbon fiber hydro dip film gives your object a neat carbon look which is also long-lasting. It can be effectively used for any kind of 3D surface, ranging from glass to wood, from metal to steel. In case you get bored of the design and think about changing it, then carbon fiber film can be peeled off from the object by dipping the object in aerosol for a few minutes.

As modern and innovative these films are; they are also considered to be an economical way of giving a new aesthetic look to your favorite objects.


In comparison to a custom paint job, the appearance of a vehicle can be enhanced and modified at a much cheaper price if carbon fiber hydro dip is used. If applied properly, the original color of a vehicle is not affected but the same professional look as paint is achieved. Finished vinyl wrap looks very similar to paint, so telling the difference between the two is not easy. Unlike real carbon fiber, the vinyl is considerably cheaper and working with it is much easier.


For car owners who are handy with tools, they will be able to install fiber vinyl on their vehicle quite easily since no special equipment is needed. If they get involved in an accident, which leaves their vehicle damaged in one section, the area can be repaired easily and cost-effectively by cutting out the wrap from the damaged section. Working with the vinyl wrap is very easy, and it can be easily matched up.


Car owners can excellently show off their personality if they use a vinyl wrap on their vehicle for self-expression. Making a vehicle stand out is quite easy since a variety of designs and graphics are available. A unique, one-of-a-kind look can also be created by layering different colored sheets of carbon fiber on top of each other.


Since so many options are available, car owners can conveniently use carbon fiber hydro dip to be unique. They can choose specialty colors like Matte Black and Pearl, plain colors or just about any kind of design they can think of, such as hood wrap and roof wrap. When it comes to the wrap, a perfectly suitable color or pattern can be found quite easily.

If you need any carbon hydro dip services for your business, Assemco provides the most creative high-quality carbon fiber hydro dip films, featuring different weave patterns, colors, and sizes.

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